Pretend You’re a Super Hero

Mark Newport
Mark Newport

I will never forget our family trip to Washington D.C. a few years back. Even though we had had our share of seeing amazing museums I couldn’t help but stop by one last museum on our way out- a textile arts museum.  Despite the fact that the Pacific Northwest is filled with textile artists, I had never had the same experience as I had at this museum. It was filled with knitted super heroes. My husband pretty much taught himself to read with comic books which is a great story in and of itself when you picture a young boy collecting pop cans along the side of the road just to garner enough coins to get his hands on a comic book!  So, my appreciation for these larger than life characters was established by listening to him talk about reliving the make believe world of super heroes. What a shock it was to see such powerful characters hanging limp in this museum.

When I think about a teacher’s job this time of year I can relate to this exhibit. We are the super heroes however deflated we feel inside when the stakes are high and kids are acting up in anticipation of being in turmoil or hungry over winter break. Stay strong my fellow super heroes! Don’t let a child unravel your strength. They need you now more than ever.


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