Still Life

Ambrosia Bosschaert
Ambrosia Bosschaert

I’m on day one of my first attempt at “still life” during winter break.  There is nothing like going from the non-stop world of teaching to the complete stillness that teachers experience over breaks. Besides time to be with family and friends, I also look forward to prioritizing what I do to help my students progress and what I should take away to allow for new growth in the classroom.

The last few weeks at school included a read in and three drama productions. While I can’t continue those on a weekly basis I can recapture the joy and engagement that I witnessed as students chose their reading material, learned in a comfortable environment, and took ownership of their learning.

What would I like to give up? Stressing over meeting all common core standards which results in covering the curriculum instead of fostering a climate of curiosity.

What ideas are you pondering during your still life?


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