Shapeshifters and Learning

Henry Moore
Henry Moore

There are so many different acceptable answers regarding how students learn best. However, I do believe one essential element must exist in the classroom for all students: Their teacher is a shapeshifter. This Henry Moore sculpture captures the spirit of a shapeshifter.

Solid as a rock yet warm and inviting

Trusting yet ready to release you

Looks at people or a problem from all sides to get a new perspective

Lets learning flow organically in the classroom

You immediately feel good when you observe this sculpture just like the feeling you get in a classroom that has an environment ripe for learning. After all, there are standards we must teach but I truly believe our job is to foster a love of learning and no amount of curriculum or technology can achieve that unless a shapeshifter is present to respond to the ever changing needs in a classroom.


3 thoughts on “Shapeshifters and Learning

  1. Your point about letting learning flow organically is awesome. We strive for that each day despite pacing guides and pressure. Yes, it is important to envelope students with support.


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