Confession Time: State of Disequilibrium

Keith Haring
Keith Haring

Coming to the realization that I am not the keeper of knowledge for my students any more due to access to the Internet has been quite mind blowing but in a good way! Today’s reflective teacher question prompts us to identify an area in need of improvement and list the steps we will take to make changes in the right direction.

This Keith Haring work illustrates the struggle I have with myself when I know what to do but I don’t always do it. It being: Design projects where the end result is more often related to creation, analysis, or evaluation instead of remembering, understanding, or applying.

Since I am still wrapping my brain around all the common core standards, a good first step is to tweak my “old” projects and look at them through the higher levels of Blooms so students can spend more time evaluating, analyzing, or creating. A power point doesn’t cut it anymore. It is a list of facts embedded within catchy slides with images. The next project I could tweak is our Oregon town reports. They are supposed to sell their town to the class while listing important details along the way. What if my students actually shared their brochure or video ad with the mayor of that town? Or with a class from that town? I bet they would care a bit more about their final product knowing a local would get to enjoy it!  What if we used Skype for those students who chose to do a live persuasive speech about their town?

I’m excited just writing about it. Time to get it done!


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