Why so serious?

Roy Litchenstein
Roy Litchenstein

Litchenstein has been criticized for taking the comic book, enlarging it, and making it an art form. As serious as I am about my role of teacher, I find comfort in remembering that I am doing what countless of other teachers have done, enlarging it, in order to make my classroom relevant today. While copycats may not make it in the art world, my success depends on figuring out what other teachers do well and making it my own while hopefully giving credit where it is due along the way.

How do I remain as positive as possible when…

Children act up

Lessons go awry

Or a teacher is determined to look for the negative in all?

I remember that at the end of the day, I am charged with caring for the hearts and minds of nine and ten year olds.  Did I say, nine and ten year olds?  They are all about fun. Over time …

They won’t remember my awesome engineering and design lesson.

They will remember that it takes time and multiple attempts to solve a problem.

They won’t remember the “meets” they received on their math test.

They will remember that mistakes are part of the learning process and there is more than one right way to arrive at an answer.

They won’t remember the beautiful bulletin board I made in order to display their writing.

They will remember how proud they were to finally get the courage to sit in the author’s chair to share their story.

They won’t remember what they ate for lunch.

They will remember that I set aside every Wednesday to have a private lunch with three students each week.

They won’t remember when I got mad at them.

They will remember that I believed in them and set high expectations because that was the norm most days.

They will remember that I enlarged their life for one brief moment in time. When I need a dose of positivity, I remember these things.

When I return to school I plan on adding new roles in the classroom to encourage students to remain focused on the positive as well.  See the article at:


Have a great first day back!


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