Multiple Meanings: Connectedness

I decided to look at connectedness from another angle. Marcel van Herpen’s talk is so important today. I believe in what he says, but schools are missing one key ingredient in our move to connectedness in the area of special education.  I believe 100% in inclusion- but inclusion with enough properly trained support staff and the planning time to meet the needs of our most disconnected children. I don’t know how inclusion is working in your schools (please do share) but my school is what our district calls a program school. This means we serve children in Head Start, Life Skills, and Social Learning (ie: extreme behavioral needs) within our general education K-6 setting.

Our staff is doing a pretty amazing job of  trying to support all the diverse needs of our children with a smile on our face as our district moves to full inclusion for all. Not all schools in the district are changing in order to build connectedness like we are because we are one of few schools who receive their disconnected kids.  I would love to have more dialogue with others about where you are with inclusion. Please share!


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