Teaching: Then & Now

http:// Wordle: 1985http:// Wordle: 2015

I began my teacher education journey in 1985 at Western Oregon State College (now WOU). At the time I was studying education with a concentration in special education. They had an onsite Head Start Program where we tracked data on the number of interactions special needs children initiated with general needs children in comparison to initiated play within an exclusive environment only. Mainstreaming was not happening in the typical classroom at the time but data was being collected. Now it’s 2015, and in our district the name has changed , but within five years we are supposed to be 100% inclusive.

Later I moved to California and was lucky to be student teaching at the time that they were just beginning to prioritize bilingual education. The model was really more of one that emphasized pre-teaching vocabulary before the lessons rather than a model that includes all the variation that schools are piloting today.

The other obvious differences that have occurred over the years has been the move towards emphasis on assessment and the fact that safety is a primary concern.

The change that I am most proud of is our move away from remember, understand, and apply to analyze, evaluate, and create.


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