Running in place: Technology

Giacomo Balla
Giacomo Balla

I am at a stand still with my technology learning curve right now. I am as eager to implement all the ideas I read about as this dog is eager to get on with this walk! This piece of art was created after the invention of a camera that could finally capture moving images.  This art is fun to look at  because it conveys a sense of moving forward while the owner and dog are actually walking in place. That is a perfect representation of how I view my current standing with tech integration.

I’m attending a two day ISTE conference in February which will give me some forward momentum. As well, I need to bite the bullet and truly apply to begin a master’s program in Ed Tech beginning this summer.

My biggest obstacle is knowing what I want technology to do for me, but not understanding enough about it to plunge in head first. Teaching is already complicated and the curriculum pacing so fast that it is difficult to justify too much lost time figuring out technology on my own with thirty students. Don’t get me wrong! I am as eager as ever to figure it out. It just makes sense to slow my pace until I get real direction and guidance and then this ole dog will be racing.


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