Solution Seekers

As I was planning my lessons for the week, I came across an article in the annual invention issue of Time for Kids weekly magazine. One of the key inventors featured from 2014 was a young boy from Nairobi. I vaguely remembered coming across a Ted Talk about the same topic so I googled it and sure enough the video link above features the same amazing young man. What a perfect complement to a lesson in our week and for this blog prompt: Share a Ted Talk that inspired you and explain why.

Rather than call up a fairly popular Ted Talk, I chose to feature this one. What inspires me most about this young man is the fact that he comes from an impoverished area and he has such a rich mind. Granted, he is a solution seeker out of necessity. I want the same solution seeking attitude for my own boys and for the students in my Title 1 school.  It seems as if students of some wealth feel entitled and lack any sense of urgency to be a change agent while students of poverty live in a culture of victimhood and are acted on rather than feeling any sense of control in their lives.

As the keynote speaker, Dr. Soccorro Herrera, at the recent Oregon Alliance for Multilingual Multicultural Education (AMME ) conference reminded me, there is much to learn from struggle in our lives. So, why do adults do so much to always circumvent problems for children or rescue a child when any small obstacle arises? Are we robbing them of being in that solution seeking space?


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