The Perfect Storm: Sharing Data with the Young


“What I like about this work is that it challenges our assumption about what kind of visual vocabulary belongs in art versus science.” ~ Nathalie Miebach

Natalie Miebach is an artist who interprets data, in this case weather data, and creates art based on it. Love it!

It’s progress report writing time and I so need this creative outlet! One of the recent reflective teacher blog prompts stated: What do you do to maintain a climate of hope and optimism in your class?

I refrain from using the word test or assessment as much as possible. I do like to have private conferences with children to point out what I am noticing and see if it connects with my learners. More often than not, they know where they stand. The question then becomes: How can I help you take the next step?

Much like the installation above, I love to help children put a creative spin on their data. It doesn’t define them, but they should feel compelled to act on it as much as I feel compelled to help them. I will forever protect them from this assessment climate, but I will help them set personal goals for improvement and that is where any beauty in data lies.


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