Leaders in the Making

Olivia fundraiser

Every so often a teacher has a class that is delightful for many reasons. I had that class last year. They learned to be studious after some practice. I could joke with them eventually and they wouldn’t take it too far. They came to class with a smile on their face most days and often made a grand entrance to show one another up. You could say a majority of them had a healthy dose of self esteem!

We had just finished a social studies unit on what it means to be a citizen in our local community. About a week later a group of girls approached me about wanting to start a fundraiser to raise money for a young teen who had a relapse with cancer. One of their mothers worked at a hospital and had close contact with this young teen and had shared the story at home. I was elated that these young girls had already figured out the importance of giving back. However, when they approached me with their plan, I was wary because I knew about the slate of upcoming fundraisers that were about to be launched at school by our Booster Club! Nonetheless, I said that they had to write up a pitch that detailed exactly how they would take responsibility for making and selling rubber band bracelets, collecting money, and advertising the fundraiser to the whole school without it costing a dime of the school’s money or too much teacher time. Sure enough, they had their pitch ready within a few days and they presented it to the principal. They won him over and the fundraiser was more than a success!

Despite other great traits shared by this entrepreneurial and socially conscious group of young ladies, they reminded me of the importance of not taking no for an answer, even when it seems probable, and the fun that can be had when you remember to bring joy to anything. This fundraiser involved coming to school early to set up, going home and making bracelets based on custom orders, and counting money to continually update the school on their fundraising goal. Most of these girls were also involved in after school sports which made their accomplishment even more impressive! It was a great day when we all went to meet the recipient of this fundraiser and present her with technology that would allow her to follow her passion for art while waiting for treatment or during long hospital stays. Our future is in good hands.


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